Annual Catalog

Every year since 2015, we have published an annual The Antigua Project catalog to accompany our exhibitions and archive each year's collection of products. Meet our artisans and designers and take a further look at our journey.

Antigua Book 10.24.15 8.5x8.5.jpg

2015 Catalog

2015 Designers: Juliana Alvarez, Aldana Ferrer Garcia, LiLi Jackson, Samantha Katehis, Joshua Knoblick, Elisia Langdon, Murrill Oakes, Adin Rimland, Lane Samata, I Chao Wang, Michael Wong, Rebecca Welz

AntiguaProject 2016 Booklet cover.jpg

2016 Catalog

2016 Designers: Tara Ali-Khan, Casey Bergner, Alexia Cohen, Aldana Ferrer Garcia, Kristin Holifield, Hannah June, Samantha Katehis, Joshua Knoblick, Michelle Mattar, Florence Wang, Rebecca Welz


COMING SOON: 2017 Catalog

2017 Designers: Coming Soon